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Highly professional and easy to communicate with. I will use his services again. -Diana
I highly recommend his services to all my friends and family. -Tim
I will recommend Mr. Hughes to any one that is needing a excellent Attorney. -Arlene
A great, efficient, and pleasant experience. The service was fast, Joseph was very useful and to the point in getting my case solved in the best manner possible. No surprises with costs and an upfront approach. Will sure use again if in need of legal services. -Mauricio
Exceeded expectations. Joseph provided me with excellent advice regarding my landlord/tenant situation for my apartment in Miami. He went the extra mile to prepare precise documents for me very quickly that saved me a lot of money and headache! THANK YOU very much Joseph! -Mark
Joseph Hughes is an outstanding attorney.  My husband and I used his services for a landlord-tenant dispute and couldn't be happier with his prompt and professional responses and successful outcome.  We highly recommend him.  He truly cares about his clients and delivers outstanding results.  Thank you again Joe! -Sherry
I contacted quite a few lawyers regarding the issue I was going through, He was the best lawyer I had spoke to. I contacted him and he responded promptly. After a brief consultation I hired him for services. He’s very fast and thorough, answered all my questions and delivered me with a fast resolution to my issue. -Destiny
I am most satisfied with the excellent service I received from attorney Joseph Hughes. He is courteous, professional, and enthusiastically meticulous insofar as his willingness and ability to dig deep and go the extra mile, in order to best represent, defend, and serve his clients. I was particularly impressed with the compassionate patience he showed when it became necessary to walk me through some tech issues that -- to me -- were challenging. High intellect, professional tenacity, and kind heart all add up to an ideal choice of lawyer. Therefore, I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking legal counsel. Thank you so very much!  -Shari
Joseph hughes is Such an amazing lawyer!! Very profesional, works very hard, always answers all my questions, and very trustworthy. I Highly recommend. If i ever have any other issues, Joseph hughes is who I will contact before anyone else. -Margaret
Mr. Hughes was very knowledgeable, efficient and settled the dispute very quickly in my favor. I would definitely recommend him.
Joe is a lawyer who really cares. -Anthony
Excellent service. - Marilyn
I needed immediate advice on my landlord/tenant issue. Not only did Joseph provide excellent advice, but he went the extra mile to provide me with a critical document that saved me a lot of time and money! GREAT attorney . . . Thank you!!! -Mark
The best lawyer I have ever dealt with. From the very beginning, we were very impressed with Joe's knowledge . . . The attention to detail, the preparation and the knowledge of the law he brought to the case was no less than remarkable . . . You can rest assured that Joe will fight for you all the way to the end. -Greg
Mr. Hughes was always available and willing to answer to my questions and calls . . . I truly recommend Mr. Hughes as a great lawyer. Thank you Joe! -Gerardo
Hardest working attorney I know. I have worked with a lot of attorneys for many different issues, mostly around my real estate practice. Mr. Hughes has been the best out of all of them. He takes the time to really learn what your needs are and helped me mitigate a lot of risks that I didn't know existed until we worked together . . . he is the first person I go to for all my legal matters . . . You will not find a more honest Attorney in Florida. -David


I have been in business for 25 years and have spent tens of thousands hiring attorneys over the years. But I have found an attorney that is, in my opinion, one of the best attorneys in terms of client interaction knowledge, experience and motivation to help his clients get results. I highly recommend Joseph Hughes to anyone that needs a dedicated hard working attorney. I had a previous attorney in a case that had me deal with just his assistant. After paying him and not getting results... I hired Joseph. he sat down with me reviewed everything did follow-ups and got a favorable result in a short period of time. - Pat
Professional and efficient. I contacted the firm to help me in a complex legal dispute. Attorney Joseph settled my case quickly and I got more of a settlement than I was expecting. I could tell he was working hard and my case moved along quickly. Highly recommend!! -David
A great, efficient, and pleasant experience. The service was fast, Joseph was very useful and to the point in getting my case solved in the best manner possible. No surprises with costs and an upfront approach. Will sure use again if in need of legal services. -Mauricio

I highly recommend his services to all of my friends and family. Thanks again Joe! –Sean
The best real estate litigation attorney in South Florida! -Tara

Mr. Hughes is an amazing real estate lawyer! Cares a lot about his clients and gets results. I highly recommend him, and will use again. (I would give six stars if I could!) -Josh Landau
Highly professional and easy to communicate with. I will use his services again.-Diana

Joseph Hughes is an outstanding attorney . . .couldn't be happier with his prompt and professional responses and successful outcome. We highly recommend him. He truly cares about his clients and delivers outstanding results. Thank you again Joe! -Sherry
I highly recommend his services to all my friends and family. –Tim


I will recommend Mr. Hughes to anyone who that is needing an excellent attorney. -Arlene

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