Residential and Commercial
Single and Multi-Family
Oral and Written
Month-to-Month and Yearly
Lease Review and Negotiations
Unconscionable Terms
Validity and Enforceability
Liquidated Damages
Mandatory and Beneficial Provisions
Subleases and Assignments
Assumptions of Leases
Tenant Estoppels
Unlawful Detainers and Ejectments

Landlord Tenant Duties

7 Day Notice-Breaches of Lease
Duties to Repair
Implied Warranty of Habitability
Implied Duty of Good Faith
Express Warranties


Uncontested and Contested
3 Day Notices-Rent Non-Payment
15 Day Notices-Tenancy Termination
Retaliatory Evictions
Constructive Evictions
Summary Procedure
Double Rent


Summonses and Complaints
Service of Proces
Court Registry Deposits
Defaults and Default Judgments
Motion Practice
Pretrial Conferences
Bench and Jury Trials
Writs of Possession
Security Deposits
Segregated Escrow Accounts
Notice Requirements
Normal Wear and Tear Deductions
Walkthrough Documentation
Advanced Rents
Civil Theft/Conversion
FCCPA Damages
Actual, Consequential, and Punitive Damages
Pet Deposits

Landlord Entity Startup and Operations

Legal Planning and Risk Mitigation
Premises Liability
Entity Selection
Holding Entities
Operating Entities
Registered Agent Services
Asset Protection
Florida LLCs
Foreign LLCs
Series LLCs
Single and Multi-Owned LLCs
S Corps
C Corps
Land Trusts
Discretionary Trusts
Living Trusts
Dodd-Frank Compliance
Operating and Partnership Agreements
Independent Contractor Contracts
W-2 Employee Contracts
Piercing the Corporate Veil
The Respondeat Superior Doctrine
Minutes Meetings
Real Property Acquisitions and Sales
Real Estate Contract Review and Negotiation
General Warranty Deeds
Special Warranty Deeds
Quitclaim Deeds
Title Abstracts and Opinions
Lien Subordination and Removal
HOA and CA Estoppels
Quiet Title Actions
Escrow Services