The Eviction Process In Broward County

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Florida’s eviction process is governed by Chapter 83, Florida Statutes. Residential evictions are governed by Part II of Chapter 83, and commercial evictions are governed by Part I.

Florida’s laws regarding evictions are notoriously technical and must be followed precisely. Attempting to navigate them without an experienced attorney is a recipe for disaster. Chapter 83 is rife with nuances and subtleties. That is why it is critical to retain an attorney that focuses on real estate and landlord-tenant law, not a firm that merely dabbles in the area.

We will take the time to give your case the individual attention it needs to ensure that your eviction goes smoothly. Without an experienced attorney, you risk delays, dismissal of your case, damages, attorney fees, and costs.

We streamline the process to make things as quick and easy as possible for you! Representation is commenced through a DocuSign agreement sent to your email. You will receive a unique login to our client portal in which you can easily upload all of your documents and make an electronic payment. You will receive updates on your case through the portal.

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